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Thanks to these important folks for helping get this park off the ground:

Industry Founders:

Non-Profit Founders

  • The Mary A. Crocker Trust
  • The Matt Peterson Fund

Bike Shop Founders:

  • Ocean Cyclery

Individual Founders:

  • Matt Householder
  • Tami and Ernie Cusi
  • Tom Borden
  • Dustin Smith
  • Carolyn Wolff
  • Luke Welch
  • Christopher Hosking
  • Nancy Andrews
  • Daniel Bernards
  • Matthew Blain
  • Seth Callahan
  • Remi and Maitexa Cuburu
  • Mike Lee
  • Daniel McGarry
  • Aaron Thies
  • Jeremy Hanmer
  • Mark Andrews
  • Jeff Smith
  • Andrew Proctor
  • Anonymous
  • Brian Rogers
  • Tom Haddad
  • Damon Sauve
  • Lorenzo O Dusseault
  • Michael Artukovich
  • Dave Edwards
  • Gideon Kaplan
  • Sasha Magee
  • Nelson Yen
  • Quinn Sullivan
  • Gil Lazo
  • Michelle Sampior
  • Alex Au Yeung
  • Don T. David
  • Linda Stark Litehiser
  • Patrick Roy Andrew Ford
  • Joshua Grossnickle
  • Donald Thompson
  • Andy Parratt
  • Theodore Tilles
  • Paul Skilbeck

If you’re interested in making a donation, and becoming an MBP Founder, click here for details. Click here to donate.

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