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Support Letter #000180

What an excellent addition to the park this would be!

Female 56. 94110. 3/20/2010 21:56:47

Support Letter #000179

Bicycles are good for kids and adults. Its healthy and brings good usage to a park that needs to be untilized in a positive way. I am a neighbor of the park and a father of a little boy I hope can use the new track and trails when they are built.

Male 42. 94134. 3/20/2010 18:04:06

Support Letter #000178

I have been an avid mountain biker for 16 years. The last 6 I have lived in San Francisco. SF is a great city to live in, however there is very little decent mountain biking / DH free riding to do in the City. This is a great project and a great idea for the mountain biking community in San Francisco.

Male 29. 94115. 3/19/2010 13:34:19

Support Letter #000177

As a past SF resident and nearby neihbor (Berkeley) I fully support the creation of a bike park in SF. I’d travel across the Bay to ride it and no doubt would support some SF businesses while I’m over there.

Male 34. 94703. 3/19/2010 13:06:20

Support Letter #000176

hey dudes at park & rec i am 100 years old and i want a dirt bike park in mclaren park, gotta stay in shape…thx

Female 100. 94110. 3/19/2010 11:50:25

Support Letter #000175

I support McLaren Bike Park. McLaren Park is San Francisco’s largest and most forgotten park. It is underutilized, underdeveloped, and under appreciated. This corner of the City is often under served and this project is a huge step in bringing McLaren Park up to par with it’s more famous sister, Golden Gate Park and for brining more receational opportunities for this end of the City. With McLaren Bike Park, cyclists of all ages will have a technically challenging and engaging place to ride. More visitors to McLaren park will also spread park visitors out easing congestion in other parks. More visotors to McLaren park will also reduce the opportunity for illegal dumping and crime as these activities will be deterred by increased visibility. This project will serve as a catalyst to turn the park around and open the eyes of the City and Bay Area residents to what a great resource McLaren Park is, hidden right under their noses.

Male 35. 94014. 3/19/2010 10:14:52

Support Letter #000174

The bay area has some really cool trails but not many established downhill style places i think somewhere with skill building obstacles would be really great for the riding community.

Male 16. 94559. 3/18/2010 23:14:56

Support Letter #000173

Growing up in the S.F. area not having a place to ride is hard for the kids of the bay area. I moved to southern cali. to be able to ride more, because of the large amount of bike parks in that area. I compete in Pro BMX and MNT. bike contest and had a hard time training for events in S.F. If there was a park like the one in plans i would still travel back just to ride it. I now work for Quamen bikes in Southern Cali, and I know the whole team and company would like to see this happen.

Male 29. 94044. 3/18/2010 17:36:25

Support Letter #000172

I am a bicycle enthusiast who lives, works and commutes on my bike here in San Francisco. I also enjoy mountain biking on the weekends which necessitates me leaving the city each weekend. Both my children are involved and have grown to share my passion. An inner city urban mountain bike park will not only be an enormous benefit to city residents but will almost assuredly bring in people from outside the cit

Each weekend when I load up my car to leave San Francisco for a weekend mountain bike ride part of the ritual is stopping by a bike shop to pick up supplies and then grabbing a pre-ride meal and cup of coffee somewhere. I then leave the city with either friends or my children or both. Later, after the ride, we have lunch near our ride destination and then go back to the city

Imagine bringing people into the city as well as people like myself who wouldn’t leave all enjoying their pre and post ride spending here in San Francisco.

Male 41. 94103. 3/18/2010 10:46:12

Even though I am in Oakland, I would come check out this park. I feel that Bike Parks are very successful in cities where they exist and provide outdoor recreation for folks who don’t want to drive themselves or their kids out of town, or who don’t own cars at all.

Male 36. 94611. 3/18/2010 10:07:32

I have been riding bikes all my life, and there is not a single place to safely ride. Bikes aren’t even allowed at skate parks, the one safe haven for skateboarders. We’ve built jumps, only to have them torn down, and it would be great to have a safe place for anyone who enjoys riding a bike to go!

Male 23. 94949. 3/18/2010 10:02:13

As a Bay Area cycling enthusiast who also enjoys every opportunity to spend time in the City, what a fantastic opportunity for the community, to transform an underutilized, perhaps neglected space into a much needed resource, feature and destination for cyclists of all ages!

Male 57. 95030. 3/18/2010 9:51:51

We have organized cycling events in McLaren and Crocker-Amazon for the last 4 years. From my own experience watching the growth of our activities – as well as the tremendous growth in Youth soccer since the reconstruction of the fields – transforming an abandoned portion of McLaren into a multi-functioning bike park is little short of miraculous.

In the first year of our events we had a member of the “Freinds of McLaren Park” visit with us on race day. From his initial skepticism at 8:30 in the morning to post 1:00 pm report – his enthusiasm at seeing a new use for his park was gratifying. I expect no less when the Bike Park is fully operational. This is a perfect opportunity to mix Kids and Bikes for an exceptional result.

Space is at a premium in urban as well as suburban locations – this venue can be a significant attraction not just for the immediate Crocker-Amazon neighborhood – but for all of the City and north Peninsula. Kids learning how to ride bikes from trained specialists – where’s the downside to that?

Male 60. 94010. 3/16/2010 14:35:13

San Francisco desperately needs a proper outlet for responsible cyclists who love to ride on trails. Currently most of us are forced to pack up our bikes and drive out of town in order to ride. This is certainly not an environmentally friendly way to enjoy an activity that celebrates nature. Judging from the turnout at mountain-bike-focused events that have taken place in and around the city, the McLaren Bike Park would be a hugely popular addition to the SF Parks system, and would relieve other areas of the burden of bicycles on multi-use trails. I urge you to support this initiative. Thanks for your consideration!

Male 30. 94110. 3/16/2010 14:03:40

I live nearby to where this park is and it would be a great change from the gym and a positive way to bring new people to biking.

Male 29. 94103. 3/15/2010 23:38:15

This is a great opportunity for san francisco, its residents and the surrounding communities to enjoy a potentially great facility such as this bike park. It would provide recreational and outdoor experiences that the city lacks for a great bike friendly city. Please support and make this happen for the healthy and prosperous future of youth and folks of all ages!

Male 41. 94519. 3/15/2010 22:45:05

I am a San Francisco resident in support of a Bike Park in McLaren Park. For several years I lived three blocks north of the park and would regularly ride my mountain bike on both side of the main dividing road. It seemed like the best kept secret in San Francisco. I’ve since moved to the Sunset, but with two kids now that both ride bikes, I would love a place to take them to have fun and work on the their skills, without worrying about the murderous street traffic of this town. I would drive the short distance to bring my kids there, and on a regular basis, I believe. It seems to me as well that the South side of the park could use some sprucing up, and wholesome activities. Please support the building of a multi-age/skill bike park here.

Male 41. 94116. 3/15/2010 20:44:18

I live in the McLaren Park neighborhood. My kids and about five other kids from our block enjoy riding around in Crocker Park, but I’m sure they will soon get bored of the flat loop. McLaren Bike Park would help them to continue to lean and enjoy riding. Just as the new soccer fields in Crocker have helped revitalize this area, I’m confident that the bike park will have s similar impact.

Male 40. 941112. 3/14/2010 11:54:49

San Francisco has an abundance of amazing nature areas, and at the same time, use of these areas for cycling is limited. It’s illegal to ride on trails in Golden Gate Park and illegal to ride on trails in the Presidio. It’s such a shame considering how much bike riding promotes physical fitness and how many people avoid riding their bikes on the road in SF because of close proximity with cars. By providing more opportunities for bike riding on dirt trails, the city will show that it truly encourages people to enjoy SF’s nature spaces and truly promotes healthy citizens. I’ve been lucky to race my bike in McLaren Park and I would definitely ride down to the area from my neighborhood in the Inner Richmond if there was a bike park open year round (as opposed to just one opportunity to ride in the park a year).

Female. 94118. 3/13/2010 21:49:08

We need something like this everywhere. It keeps kids off the streets with something to do. People that ride bikes need somewhere to ride just like the people that skate get skate parks. I think its an awsome idea.

Male 21. 94551. 3/13/2010 11:10:36

I live across the bay and would travel with my kids to McLaren Bike Park. There is not enough recreational riding available for the youth. Please build the park and make San Francisco bike friendly. I promise to spend lots of money with the local merchants.

Male 44. 94621. 3/12/2010 15:26:55

As I see it there are two extremely pronounced reasons to support this request to build a Bike Park

1) Building the park will clean up a mistreated patch of land within our wonderful city. It is simply embarrassing that anyone would question any initiative interested in bettering our planet.

2) There is absolutely no reason why we all should not support every opportunity to get folks outside bettering their fitness and in this case bettering their much-needed bike handling skills.

Female 49. 94123.
3/12/2010 11:24:32

I wholeheartedly support a McLaren Bike Park and would use it weekly. I also believe that with rights come responsibility, and bicyclists need to do a lot better when it comes to obeying traffic laws.

Male 35. 94121. 3/12/2010 9:54:37

I would love to drive all the way to SF to ride a cool park and spend my money in the city at various bars and restaurants. Please make this happen :)

Male 26. 95124. 3/12/2010 7:40:36

I would travel to the park

Female 55. 95405. 3/12/2010 7:07:28

Hi, I live right across from McLaren park and it is an excellent site for a bike skills park. Lets bring some prestige to this diamond in the rough and turn it into something people will flock to.

Male 31. 94134. 3/11/2010 22:26:51

we need more places to ride our bikes,our kids will love this Thanks.

Male 53. 94110. 3/11/2010 21:55:18

I think it would be great to have this happen. I would probably spend alot of time there to ride the DH and freeride.

Male 16. 94301. 3/11/2010 18:11:33

From my experience with such park in other cities, this is a great place for kids.

Male 58. 94595. 3/11/2010 17:59:26

I support the McLaren Bike Park for the most obvious reason; San Francisco needs this. Our youth and community needs this. Hell, as a 25 year-old female cycling enthusiast, I NEED THIS!

Female 25. 94103. 3/11/2010 17:57:40

I love riding!

Male 27. 94123. 3/11/2010 16:32:29

I live in the Mission district and would love to have a nearby place where I can legally ride on dirt.

Male 35. 94110. 3/11/2010 15:50:16

I believe that building The McLaren Bike Park will immensely help our community. I always notice kids and teenagers walking around the city with nothing to do. Adults also have to drive very far to ride their mountain and downhill bikes and it is very inconvenient, takes up a lot of time and gas. By building this park it will help everyone stay more active. Thank You

Male. 94121. 3/11/2010 15:44:15

I live in SF and would certainly take my family to the McLaren Bike Park. I’d also be happy to volunteer there. SF is starting to become a good bike town and this would really help.

Male 32. 94129. 3/11/2010 12:57:15

Hello, when I read about SF Urban Riders’ efforts to turn an otherwise unused section of the park into a area for mountain biking I decided to pledge my support for them. As a non car owning cyclist who lives in the city it would be awesome to be able to access some trails right here in SF. All the best!

Male 35. 94109. 3/11/2010 12:31:01

A dedicated bike park will give San Franciscans a safe place to experience and practice more difficult features typical of off-road riding. It will be great to have as a destination in McLaren, giving the southern neighborhoods a nearby cycling resource as well as directing more San Franciscans to this great park. I look forward to both using the park myself and using it to teach young family members and friends how to ride and sharing how much fun off-road riding can be.

Female 44. 94110. 3/11/2010 11:23:53

I live in the Monterey area and I would drive to San Fran and ride this park if it was built. I fully endorse the parks. I think it is a great idea. I would ride it with my buddies and my kids. It would be a blast.

Male 38. 93933. 3/11/2010 11:21:26

Love Mclaren Park! What an amazing underused resource. So many ways to improve and this is one that will bring a clean healthy activity to the area. North SF gets all the money and investment. Why not beautify the whole city with interesting and progressive ideas like this?

Male 31. 94930. 3/11/2010 11:05:57

to whom it may concern, I do not live near the park. However we do go regularly to Jerry days I am so happy they created the Jerry Garcia amphitheater. I have four kids live in the city. Call me crazy, because it is really hard living in San Francisco with children. I have been a lifelong cyclist except for a few years. While I was waiting for a kidney on dialysis. I have written on a weekly basis. Give me great sadness that my children do not have the same love of cycling in part because it is so it difficult for kids to learn how to ride in the city. The combination of traffic hill and the lack of an area that is easy and safe to let your kids right around the. Although the city has come along way in the last 20 years to accommodate cycling. There just now putting lanes into the Presidio were thousands of cyclists have written through for years and have had to compete with the cars. I wholeheartedly support the McLaren Park project.

Male 53. 94118. 3/11/2010 10:54:43

I am in full support of the McLaren bike park. It is at present a disgrace that a space with so much potential is covered with weeds and literally garbage. How can there be an argument against letting volunteers in to beautify it and make it a community resource?

Female. 94110. 3/11/2010 9:24:22

Bike parks are great places for kids and adults to improve their bike handling skills. Whether riding for fun or for more practical reasons bike handling is important. Bike parks give us all an opprotunity to learn have fun and otimately ride more safely. I would love to have a resourse like this to take my nieces and nephews to. Thanks

Male 40. 94117. 3/10/2010 21:39:05

Living in Portland, Oregon, I have rode mountain bikes across the western United States, from San Diego to Seattle, and Utah and Colorado as well. I have seen the positive effects on communities when cities add bike parks to their infrastructure. Recreational cyclists want nothing more than a place to ride that is (a) close to home as possible. (It is best when one can ride from their front door to their favorite place to ride.) And (b) legal, where they don’t have to worry about illegal trail building and hassle from private land owners and law enforcement. Please listen to the residents of San Francisco and adopt the plans to build a bicycle skills park at McLaren Park. Thank You.

Male 23. 97219. 3/10/2010 21:09:19

I love freeriding but often do not have the time to drive to Santa Cruz or other freeride areas outside of SF. It would be awesome if we had an area to ride within the city, especially a park designed to progressively build one’s skills.

Male 38. 94965. 3/10/2010 20:29:47

I live nearby and believe such a course would be a great way to get people excited about leaving their cars behind and riding around San Francisco on their bike. More facilities that are friendly to bicyclists seems exactly in the spirit of San Francisco’s push to “go green”.

Male 27. 94122. 3/10/2010 20:18:42

My family and I live about six blocks from McLaren Park. We have two young boys who are cycling enthusiasts like their parents. We ride our bikes to school and work and to McLaren Park. We would love an area for our boys to mountain bike and practice jumps and turns without worrying about cars. We visit our good friends in Fresno a few times a year, and one of the highlights of every trip is a visit to the bike park in Woodland Park. The boys just love it. They are so proud of their accomplishments, of making a certain jump, or doing all the big bumps or going faster. They are beaming with pride, and love the thrill. We are in support of a bicycle park in McLaren Park.

Female 40. 94134. 3/10/2010 20:16:10

This is one of the most progressive initiatives in the works that the city of San Francisco has seen in a long time. We need more biking areas that offer a chance for bikers to ride off road without having to travel in cars outside of the city to do so thereby adding to pollution and congestion.

Female. 94110. 3/10/2010 19:46:27

I live within relatively close distance to McClaren park and recognize it’s potential as an asset to the youth of San Francisco. I have been an avid and mountain biker for about 5 years around the Bay Area and to see the opportunity for expanded access right here in San Francisco brings me great joy. I think a lot of young folks around the city (and adults) would love to have a dedicated area to expand their skills. I hope the SF recreation and parks department sees this project as beneficial. A similar project has been succesfully executed in Seattle, where local bikers have teamed up with the city to built a bike skills park open to everyone. If Seattle can do it, so can we.

Male 21. 94110. 3/10/2010 19:41:32

This will help promote all types of bike use in the city.

Male 43. 94118. 3/10/2010 19:17:05

SF is a great cycling city, but lacks areas for safe recreational off- road riding. With a bike park at McLaren Icould do all my riding without even using a car! We need a safe place for the younger kids to ride and improve their skills. The bike park would be a real improvement for an area of the park that is currently ignored.

Male 49. 94118. 3/10/2010 18:52:42

This would be a great way to take San Francisco cycling to the next level. I work with a San Francisco based youth cycling program and believe that young people need more outlets to keep them out of trouble, in shape and having fun. If a skills area is built in McClaren Park, it will be utilized by a HUGE range of user groups, from all different walks of life. Such parks have worked in other cities such as Seattle, Houston, New York, Boulder, Austin, etc. etc. This can work. I say YAY!

Male 28. 94123. 3/10/2010 18:51:18

Turning an unofficial dumping spot into a bike skills park? What a great idea…I support it enthusiastically!

Male 39. 95128. 3/10/2010 15:59:58

I ride weekly in SF and this sort of facility is sorely lacking. It represents an essential opportunity for growth in bicycle usage, something that’s good for everyone in the community on many levels.

Male 27. 94558. 3/10/2010 15:14:35

This is exactly the kind of place that I need to develop my skills as a rider. Often it is hard to find the variety of terrain to practice, and this would provide.

Male 29. 94702. 3/10/2010 15:05:32

I am very excited about the possibility of biking in McLaren! I moved to San Francisco several years ago and have been able to live a car-free lifestyle, EXCEPT when I want to mountain bike! What irony. I think this would a great use of space, healthy for our residents, and help to get San Franciscans another great place to be outdoors and active!

Male “old!”. 94123. 3/10/2010 14:48:48

Mountain bikers in SF need more places to ride. Keeps us off the streets.

Male. 94117. 3/10/2010 14:40:46

To Whom It May Concern: I want to encourage support for McLaren Bike Park. This is something extremely beneficial for our youth. It promotes kids to get outside and be active = healthy lifestyles. These parks also promote creativity and self expression. It provides a safe place for kids of all ages to go and feel a part of. Thank you for your consideration. Best regards.

Male 38. 94121. 3/10/2010 14:26:50

Supporting biking keeps kids off the street in a fun and heathy manor. Having a place like this will make a difference to many kids lives in a very positive life long way.

Male 51. 94121. 3/10/2010 14:26:40

I love mountain biking but it is difficult when you live in the city — it is necessary to get in the car and drive before you can get on your bike and ride on dirt. It would be really great to have a local bike area that I can ride to from my house and I know both my boyfriend and I would utilize it frequently.

Female 28. 94107. 3/10/2010 13:42:24

I live nearby in the Mission Terrace neighborhood. Our neighborhood, including the Exclesior and Outer Mission, would greatly benefit from more places for our community and families to come together and enjoy. I can think of no better spot for that than revitalizing an outdoor, under-used place. Improving a part of McClaren Park is a win-win for both regular and occasional park visitors, and will only encourage more positive participation and use of the park by local neighbors and further visitors alike. I personally would make the McLaren Bike Park a frequent destination, as I am an avid cyclist and based on where I live need to ride or drive at least 10 miles just to get to a place I can enjoy my ride.

Female 40. 94112. 3/10/2010 13:10:46

I’d love to see a Mountain bike skills development area constructed in McLaren park! I’ve sought out similar parks, but they are all quite far away. As Collonnade park in Seattle has demonstrated, these skill development areas see a lot of use and help riders to stay fit, and improve on their abilities in a safe environment. That’s something we could really use locally. Thanks for your consideration.

Male 39. 94707. 3/10/2010 12:51:09

This city needs to support people that use bikes as transport! I bike and I vote!!!

Female 44. 94109. 3/10/2010 12:31:08

I live near by and this would greatly add to the park for kids and adults alike.

Female 41. 94112. 3/10/2010 12:29:44

The bike park would be especially valuable, and fun, for younger people – helping them stay healthy, burning off energy, staying out of trouble, and would a center for communal activity.

Male 47. 94107. 3/10/2010 9:15:57

As a former resident of San Francisco who recently moved to San Bruno, I would travel to this park with my daughter if such a bike facility were added. San Francisco and the northern peninsula are rather lacking in bike facilities for developing riders.

Male 33. 94066. 3/10/2010 4:49:07

One of the things that is so special about San Francisco is how accessable biking is for all ages. For Jr’s and for adults alike, trails and easy accessability keep the spirit of the city alive!!

Female. 95959. 3/9/2010 22:40:19

I remember sanctioned BMX racing at McLaren Park in the 70s. It drew hundreds of riders on the weekends and was a great activity for kids of all ages

Male 46. 94030. 3/9/2010 19:53:56

Mclaren bike park would be absolutely amazing. I am a college student in San Francisco and only have my bike and public transport to get around so this would be an amazing place to go for a daily ride. I think that a dedicated bike park in sf would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. It would provide a fun and safe place for all of the local DH and Freeriders to ride. GO MBP GO!

Male 18. 94109. 3/9/2010 17:26:31

My wife and two young children love nature like I do but I’m the only mountain biker in the family. If there was a park that had a mountain bike area and a playground all in one place, that’d be great!

Male 38. 94070. 3/9/2010 16:07:28

I live all the way across the city and I would still go to McLauren park to ride if there was a skills course there.

Male 28. 94123. 3/9/2010 15:51:04

My family and I race at the McLaren Pilarcitos cyclocross
race each fall and support more mt biking trails in the park.
Female 45. 93923.
3/9/2010 15:28:34

As a young boy I participated in BMX races at McLaren Park. I would like to see children in San Francisco have the same opportunity to enjoy cycling in the same way I was able to. Please help SF Urban Rider achieve its goals for the sake of the children.

Male 47. 94080. 3/9/2010 15:17:51

I race the cyclocross series here. Single track trails would be an awesome addition that more riders could enjoy.

Male 42. 94607. 3/9/2010 15:08:56

I live in Bernal Heights and frequently have to drive in order to ride my mountain bike on legal trails. Building a trail/park system in McLaren would be an ideal opportunity for a quick ride after work. Please seriously consider this proposal. Thanks.

Male 48. 94110. 3/9/2010 14:54:54

I live in the Mission District and would gladly travel (by bike!) to the McLaren Bike Park. There are not enough recreational cycling opportunities in the city, especially ones away from concrete and cars.

Male 32. 94110. 3/9/2010 14:14:48

As an avid cyclist and student, there are not many practical opportunities to hone my skills on a bicycle. The closest place that resembles the concept of McLaren Bike Park is over an hour’s drive away, so I cannot go there very often. The park would undoubtedly be beneficial to the area, as it would not only attract people from the surrounding community, but it would also attract those that are out of the area and are looking for a new place to ride. This would be a safe haven of sorts for all sorts of cyclists, young and old, beginner and advanced, and would definitely be a pragmatic approach of using this otherwise unprofitable, barren land.

Male 15. 94030. 3/9/2010 14:08:53

Lets continue to make SF the best place for alternative transportation and one of the funnest cities in the world. Bike parks like these are cheap and encourage young and adult people to ride their bikes more and use dirty transportation less. It gives them something to do after school and after work. It promotes a healthy body and mind.

Male 28. 94608. 3/9/2010 13:52:54

I live in the East Bay, but love coming into the city, and this would give me another reason to come into the city and support all of the local businesses. Because of the lack of legitimate places to ride in the city I don’t come in as often as I would like. This would definitely be a big draw for a lot of people from outside the city, as well as provide an outlet for lots of people in the city. So many positive things will come out of this bike park: boost to the local economy, a healthy outdoor place for local kids and families, utilization of currently neglected land, beautifying SF with a well charted park, and simply more places to ride to promote healthy lifestyles!

Male 30. 94513. 3/9/2010 10:48:23

I live in the East Bay, but love coming into the city, and this would give me another reason to come into the city and support all of the local businesses. Because of the lack of legitimate places to ride in the city I don’t come in as often as I would like. This would definitely be a big draw for a lot of people from outside the city, as well as provide an outlet for lots of people in the city. So many positive things will come out of this bike park: boost to the local economy, a healthy outdoor place for local kids and families, utilization of currently neglected land, beautifying SF with a well charted park, and simply more places to ride to promote healthy lifestyles!

Male 30. 94513. 3/9/2010 10:48:23

We have an opportunity to encourage better health both physically and mentally.

Male. 94710. 3/8/2010 16:23:40

I live in SF and would gladly ride my bike to the park! What a fun and unique way to encourage people to be active. Let’s make it happen!

Female 34. 94117. 3/8/2010 22:42:51

There is so much beauty and green space in SF, in the vein of Oakland, we should make our mountains more available for recreation, not recreational drugs and blow jobs. Places like McLaren Park and Buena Vista are overgrown hotbeds for crazy things, let’s give them more traffic and safety. I live in SF and have to bring my business to Marin constantly just to mountain bike. It would make things so much easier and greener (less emissions) if I didn’t have to drive. These are a few of the many reasons I support this park.

Male 32. 94102. 3/8/2010 21:16:15

we need more resources for youth to stay active & reduce the obesity in america.

Male 41. 94703. 3/8/2010 17:27:13

This is a great place to ride. I have done the trails there and participated in the Cyclocross races put on by Tom Simpson of Pilarcitos. Hope to use it with my wife and little girl for years to come.

Male 48. 94061. 3/8/2010 16:32:47

I live in SF! Biking is what made me lose 60 lbs! My life is so much better now! Let others feel my joy- encourage bicycling for all. Thanks.

Male 38. 94121. 3/8/2010 14:08:37

My children would benefit from having a place like this to ride. We need more positive activities and energy outlets for teenagers in San Francisco, and this would be a great one. I agree with San Francisco Urban Riders that there are not enough recreational cycling opportunites in the city – especially ones that allow cyclists to ride without endangering pedestrians.

Female 38. 94131. 3/8/2010 12:42:39

Absolutely support a bike area and would be willing to travel on occassion to the park for such an outing. I have 2 young girls who love to ride, and this would be a great skills and safety booster for their rides on he paths and bike lanes around cars and other obstacles. 100% in support of this!

Male 41. 94941. 3/8/2010 12:41:55

I am moving to SF in the summer and would love to see this happen. I am a board member of the Teton Freedom RIders in Jackson WY. If we can make digging trails in the National Forest legal then this CAN happen! Thanks!

Male 39. 12836. 3/8/2010 6:22:03

I wouldn’t mind the short drive to enjoy this proposed bike park.

Male 47. 95015. 3/8/2010 2:41:18

The addition of a single recreational track in the City will return much to the community in the form of physical fitness and opportunity for communal interaction.

Male 43. 94112. 3/7/2010 9:33:54

i support the bike skills park at mclaren park and at any park because the bay area as a whole will benifit from an intalation like this. this has such potential do do great this for people af all ages and backrounds, as well as in crease kids awarness of the kind if fun that tv and viedio games cant match. i cant think of a better way to use the land. YAY BIKES!!!

Male 26. 94061. 3/6/2010 12:28:26

I like not too far from McLaren and would love if a bike park was put in! I think it could also help to clean up the surrounding neighborhood and discourage sleeping in the park which so frequently takes place now.

Female 21. 94110. 3/6/2010 11:54:01

I would bring my daughter to this park. Bicycle skills parks are good clean fun!

Male 46. 94020. 3/5/2010 17:53:24

I would definitely travel to the city to do this. It would be a great addition!

Male 42. 94085. 3/5/2010 15:06:32

I believe the SF Urban Riders proposal for repurposing a portion of McLaren Park for a bicycle skills park has great potential. San Francisco has been recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as one of the nation’s most bicycle-friendly cities, but we lack bicycle recreational facilities that some of our peer cities have. San Francisco has a growing off-road cycling community – many of whom must use motor vehicles to access quality off-road cycling opportunities because few such facilities exist wihin San Francisco. A bicycle skills park would be a great asset to our youth by providing a safe space for exercise and an opportunity to improve skills that can be applied on the many great trails in the Bay Area and beyond.

Male 29. 94110. 3/5/2010 15:03:51

I have been racing and riding mountain bikes for almost my entire life. Having a secured place to ride and enjoy ourselves would be ideal for the many people that are alike in this large industry of cycling. I completely support the idea of building a bike park in San Francisco. I live 15 minutes south of SF, and would drive to SF everyday if there were a good place to ride. I believe this addition to the recreational department with bring positive feedback for the City of San Francisco.

Male 30. 94401. 3/5/2010 14:35:55

There needs to be more space all around San Francisco for people to ride on dirt. This would be a great start in providing that space – McLaren Park would be more utilized and riders will be less tempted to ride illegally on other trails in the city. Thanks for your work and support on this project.

Male 35. 94117. 3/5/2010 12:01:17

Please help support the growing bicycle culture in San Francisco! We appreciate all that the city has been doing for us.

Male 20. 94122. 3/5/2010 11:54:23

We need this to continue to teach bicycle safety! As cycling is becoming a greater form of transportation, it is key that those controlling these vehicles have a keen sense of proper safety skills, etiquette, and law!

Female 25. 94117. 3/5/2010 10:44:53

San Francisco needs to join other communities who have Urban Bike Parks. The Grandaddy is Seattle’s I5 Colonade, where they’ve used the area underneath a freeway. New York City, Boulder and Fresno all have bike parks, and in the East Bay, Lafayette has one under construction.

Male 55. 95404. 3/5/2010 10:28:46

I fully support anything bicycle related that helps create a bigger cycling community for others cheers.

Male 29. 94117. 3/5/2010 9:00:44

I also support the space for a velodrome as well!

Male 24. 94158. 3/5/2010 8:52:09

I fully support the Mclaren Bike Park because, as an avid mountain biker and as a teenager, I am looking for a safe place to ride, have fun, improve skills, and push my limits and the sport. This spot would open many opertunities and get others more involved in the sport. I live 30 minutes away but still would travel everyweekend to ride the park. MBP will be a LEGEND!

Male 14. 94002. 3/4/2010 23:37:35

A McLaren Bike Park would be a great opportunity for me, as well as for many of the youth who live in our city and could benefit greatly from this kind of recreational facility.

Male 32. 94114. 3/4/2010 22:14:08

I am SF native. Born in SF. I went to high school at nearby Riordan High School. I currently live in Oakland and owner of a retail bike shop and event company called rideSFO. We host the at the Cow Palace. Cycling is on the rise and is great way for youth to spend their and connect with adults and their families. There are not many sports where families can get together and ride. It is an awesome site to see when you see a whole family that rides together. We have one that even races together. A McLaren Bike Park can huge for the community and can draw folks from all over the country, maybe all over the world. With SF Bike Expo right next door, we can really turn the SF into an all around bike town.

Male 37. 94608. 3/4/2010 21:18:54

I live in the mission and my wife and I have two kids. We are eager to help feed their interest in bike riding and healthy, athletic adventures, beyond what’s currently possible on the streets of the mission. The location identified by SF Urban Riders in McLaren Park is a perfect place for this. We are excited to be among the supporters and backers of this effort.

Male 36. 94110. 3/4/2010 20:15:54

Growing up in Northern California, I love to ride. I commute most days ~8 miles round trip to work and love to ride. Recently I picked up a cyclocross bike for commuting because my mountain/slopestyle bike is not ideal for commuting and getting around the city on errands. I love taking it out and would love to keep my downhill skills honed without having to leave the city everytime I want to ride. Promote a healthy, active lifestyle and support the SF Urban Riders and IMBA! Support transit not traffic!

Male 25. 94107. 3/4/2010 18:25:48

This is a fantastic use of a space that is now being wasted. Anything that can be done to increase opportunities for people to be active and enjoy the outdoors in a healthy fashion should be seized upon. As a soon to be dad who is expecting a little girl in June, I’m excited to think of the possibilities that this park could present to my family within the next few years.

Male 35. 94110. 3/4/2010 17:29:30

This is a great location and I feel that a designated area for cyclist would safe for all of us out there. Thanks for your consideration

Male 36. 94403. 3/4/2010 15:58:47

This is a fantastic venue for a bike park, as is the entire city. The cyclocross event which takes place in this park annually is a great event. We need more events like that one.

Female 50. 94010. 3/4/2010 13:22:35

As a cyclist who enjoys riding off road as well it would be nice to see more places open to bikes. This is especially important in an urban area. It’s a safe place for beginners and kids to learn to ride. There are many other cities who have created bike parks for people to use. I’m off the opinion that idle hands breeds trouble.

It is no mystery that kids and teens without hobbies will get into trouble. Skate parks have been a great outlet, but what about the kid who are into bicycles instead of skateboards? Shouldn’t they also be given a place to practice and rid

I believe that providing people with more places to be physically active should be at the forefront of our minds, especially with the rate of obesity. We need to start with the kids, so that they develop healthy habits now. Teaching an old dog tricks is difficult. Thank you,

Male 35. 94403. 3/4/2010 12:22:17

I live down in Santa Cruz county and I have seen the positive effects that can come from a park like this (Depot park near the Boardwalk, Post Office jumps in Aptos). I hope that, when created, this park will provide bike riders young and old a place to participate in clean, healthy recreation. Thanks for your consideration.

Male 34. 95003. 3/4/2010 12:21:31

I may live across the bridge in Marin, but I would travel to this park and bring my 2 boys to ride here too. The more places to ride like this the more we get youth into fitness and the outdoors.

Female 35. 94903. 3/4/2010 11:30:33

I would love to be able to bring my kids to the park and spend tons of quality time with them while having fun. Let’s make this a reality!

Male 37. 95130. 3/4/2010 10:33:52

I am a San Francisco native and volunteer trail builder with the “Mount Sutro Stewards.” I am always looking for places to ride, especially when short winter days keep me in SF. Supporting accessible recreation areas is good urban planning and is a smart departure from the bad old days when we assumed that folk needed cars and highways to get away from the urban congestion, while causing, ironically, more sprawl with use of said cars and highways. As a non-car owner, legal bike trail facilities that are a drive away from SF are not an option available to me.

I am also a volunteer bike mechanic at the SF Bike Kitchen, a community bike shop that serves people of limited means. A lot of people in the forgotten SE corner of San Francisco are riding mountain bikes, and access to trails and facilities in that neighborhood would bring healthy recreation to a part of town that residents often feel is forgotten by city hall.

Trail facilities have already transformed wealthier communities like Marin County, allowing people outside of the science community a first hand look at the diversity of Bay Area open spaces. What an insult to poor people that the only facilities in the area are for horse riding (the trails are legal for horses and hikers only) and golfers? How many equestrians live in Sunnydale, the excelcior or Bayview? What message is the city sending to poor people when we dote over dog walkers in Alamo Square but not nature enthusiasts in the ghetto who don’t play golf or ride horses?

Another reason to favor bike access to road-less areas of McLaren park? This area is not blessed with good bus connections and it is a REALLY bad place to lock up one’s bike to have a walk.

Male 38. 94116. 3/4/2010 10:20:11

I am an avid cyclist, living in Excelsior, who already enjoys some of McClaren Parks limited offerings for mountain biking. In San Francisco it is very hard to find legal trails and other forms of supported recreation for mountain biking. Sf is full of cyclists, you see them everywhere each day all over the city, from commuting, leisure to sport cycling it is part of the fabric of our city. Cycling is a growing sport and the city needs to offer more areas for the expansion of such an important part of San Francisco. My son and I ride often and we need more areas for learning and enjoyment to support the future of cycling here. Please support the McClaren Park bike skills park.

Male 39. 94112. 3/4/2010 10:11:22

While I don’t live near the proposed bike park. This would be about the closest bike park that I and my son could travel to enjoy. With the number of cyclists in SF, the city could truly use some dedicated bike places, especially for youths.

Male 41. 94560. 3/4/2010 10:07:19

i support the McLaren Bike Park!!!! i travel to the park regularily – even across town!

Male 34. 94129. 3/4/2010 9:47:09

I have ridden and raced in McLaren park, and I would love to ride there, and I would love to bring my two bike-riding kids, 10 and 12 to a bike park there. Please allow it to be built.

Female 41. 94602.
3/4/2010 9:40:30

I think this sounds like a great idea. It would be a wonderful thing for locals. It could be used to draw people in for special events as well. Great idea!

Male 38. 94114. 3/4/2010 9:22:51

Committed to public health and well-being? Do your part and support a place that emphasizes healthy activity, in-group education about trail etiquette and good sportsmanship, as well as building a sense of community. Get our kids and community out on bikes!

Male. 35. 94720. 3/4/2010 8:55:01

I may be biased, but I can not see how this could possibly have a bad affect on any neighborhood. Mountain bikers are friendly and caring, they could bring a veritable utopia of awesomeness to an otherwise oblique park. I say, “Get them off the roads and on to some sustainable trails.”

Male 30. 94134. 3/4/2010 8:46:58

I would definately use this bike park. I live nearby in the sunset district and I also have two young sons who would love to have use of a facility like this. Please support this bike park.

Male 44. 94122. 3/4/2010 8:26:24

My partner and kid and I would use this regularly if it existed, and McLaren is the perfect place for it!

Male 46. 94109. 3/4/2010 8:15:49

I am writing to inform you of my strong support for the creation of a bicycle park in san francisco. i live in the panhandle and would love to have a bike park easily accessible to my house. this city loves bikes. lets make a park!

Male 30. 94117. 3/4/2010 7:14:19

There are not enough recreational cycling oppotunities in the city. This bike park would give riders a chance to ride in a safe area.

Male 26. 94112. 3/4/2010 1:06:44

As a mountain biker who recently moved to San Francisco from Bakersfield, CA, I was terribly disappointed as to how much off road biking is restricted in the city. While there are some good trails around, (Mt. Sutro (thanks to the SF Urban Riders), and Glen Park, to name a few) the possibility for good riding here is endless. Golden Gate Park, as well as San Bruno Mountain State Park could be an urban biking mecca for the Bay Area. In fact, the trails in Golden Gate Park are already there, but biking is prohibited. Its a sad time for San Francisco mountain bikers. That being said, I understand that trails must be made suitable for all users, and allowing biking to come flying down trails where people are enjoying a leisurely walk is bad news for everyone. The land proposed for the McLaren Bike Park is currently not being used for anything but waste, and there is a whole community ready to volunteer to renovate it. It would be good for the city, and great for the mountain bikers.

Male 22. 94112. 3/4/2010 0:13:25

McLaren Park is an underutilized park in a city with limited room for new projects. I live a couple miles from the park, and ride through it regularly, mostly on the way to Mt. San Bruno. McLaren Park would be a great site for a bike park. Most of the other parks in San Francisco have too many other things going on already to support a bike park.

Male 54. 94131. 3/3/2010 20:55:59

San Francisco is a bike friendly city, there is no arguing that. But for those of us who enjoy riding trails instead of crowded roads there are far fewer options. I would like to see more off road bike access within the vast green spaces our great city has to offer. I think the McLaren bike park is an excellent proposal, and I would happily ride across the city to enjoy the space.

Male 35. 94118. 3/3/2010 20:36:38

I have been around cycling for the last 43 years. I am race director for many cycling events. I grew up in the bay area and now live in Auburn Calif.

Male 53. 95604. 3/3/2010 18:29:46

This is a good thing to do to support safe bicycling locations within the city for all ages. Cycling has increased in popularity lately due to the economy and gas prices. There are more and more people using bicycles as transportation and recreation. I cant think of a better way to facilitate safe cycling by having dedicated areas where bicycles dont need to mix with cars.

Male. 95060. 3/3/2010 17:59:17

I live on the peninsula and would certainly make the drive for such a place. It is often hard to progress on certain skills in a safe environment. By allowing a legal and safe area for people to work on skills such as jumping and other more technical aspects of riding it should cut down on the problems with illegal trail use and injuries in more remote areas. Also a great way to bring the cycling community together and gain a greater following.

Male 22. 94002. 3/3/2010 17:21:35

To Whom It May Concern: If San Francisco were to construct an urban bike park, it would be wonderful. I would make the drive up from the Peninsula frequently to use it and hone my skills. Other cities have done things like this and have been able to use land that would be suitable for nothing else (except, perhaps limited parking). I want to encourage you to consider this terrific idea.

Male 44. 94025. 3/3/2010 14:57:23

I am a resident of San Francisco and would love to see a bike skills park in McLaren Park. It would be a great place to spend time with my kid and ride bikes together, get outside and to a part of SF that we wouldn’t ordinarily visit. I spend most of my time biking in Marin county and would love to have more options for off-road trail riding closer to home. This would be a great use of a park that is underused and has much more potential than is currently being harnessed.

Male 32. 94115. 3/3/2010 13:58:34

I live in SF and would love to see a well-maintained, official location to ride my bike. This park shows support for bikers but also takes steps towards a reasonable middle ground between biking everywhere (legal or not) and biking nowhere (which promotes illegal biking). I support McLaren Bike Park.

Male 26. 94115. 3/3/2010 13:37:04

I would travel to SF, and regularly do, to ride this park. This would be an outstanding place for kids to ride!

Female 30. 94043. 3/3/2010 12:52:06

I don’t live near the city, I just want to see more parks like this in California.

Male 33. 93611.

Now that I live in Oakland (former SF resident), I would definitely travel across the bay (on BART) to ride McLaren Park.

Male 29. 94612.
3/3/2010 11:10:29

I am a SF native & active cyclist. I’d love more trail riding opportunities in the city.

Female 40. 94118. 3/3/2010 10:24:23

I am a resident and would very much like a reason to use McLaren Park more often. As a cyclist and Jogger, I have plenty of running choices, and on road places to ride, but not very many options for off-road bicycle riding.

Male 34. 94118. 3/3/2010 10:15:56

I’m writing in strong support of the McLaren Bike Park. I’ve visited the Colonndade in Seattle and seen first hand what it does for the community. Note, I didn’t just say bike community. The Colonnade is an example of a project that enlightened the entire community about what is possible. It provided opportunities for the community to get involved in a great sport that has immeasurable health and wellness benefits as well as being a hell of a lot of fun. The bay area has such a strong cycling community that would love to support the McLaren Bike Park. It is a great way for the cycling community to support the broader SF community and bring something positive to the city. Please give us the opportunity to do something great!

Male 39. 94118. 3/3/2010 10:13:09

Hi There, Though I’m not a SF resident, this is the type of recreational opportunity that I would travel to use. There are not enough places for both children and adults to engage in healthy, active, outdoor activities, especially in the city. As our society becomes increasingly sedentary, we need to do everything that we can to get people outside and away from their televisions and computers. Thank you,

Male 34. 95123. 3/3/2010 10:11:09

Sf needs a place where kids, adults and most of all families would gather and have a safe place to ride bikes. Having places to hone bicycle skills other than the streets just is common sense. Practicing proper trail building will limit erosion and runoff as well. Currently it looks as if nothing has been done. Ruts and runoff- Thanks,

Male 47. 94619. 3/3/2010 9:15:12

I live in Santa Cruz but enjoy riding in McLaren Park. I would travel up to SF more often – and spend money in local shops/eateries – if a bike park was available at McLaren Park.

Male 44. 95060. 3/3/2010 9:03:40

Support Letter #000037

Dear SF Parks, I am a resident of San Mateo, and I would travel to McLaren Park regularly if a bike skills area was constructed there. Additionally, as a father I would love to have a resource like this available to my son.

Male 31. 94402. 3/3/2010 8:57:19

Having lived and ridden in San Francisco for over 10 years I have had the pleasure of riding a few legal bike trails and the displeasure of being shouted at on every other trail by hikers and dog walkers. I have been quite confused why there are not more shared use trails in the city and more specifically, bike-only trails in the city, ie. skills development trails. It seems to me this is most likely a case of the city defining a leader and the city fearing it will be an expensive endeavor. Seattle and Portland have both proven that mountain bikers take care of their own, the community and more importantly, the expensive work! With support from the city that will focus more on permission and organization than strictly funding the McLaren Bike Park will be a success and will not break the bank. A bike park is an amazing form of safe recreation for families and kids of all ages. Kids who get hooked on riding rarely get hooked on anything else! I’ve made the best friends anyone could ask for riding my bike. These are friends from 15 to 55 years of age and they all have a good head on their shoulders and an amazing sense of community. Let’s do this! Best Regards.

Male 35. 94118. 3/3/2010 8:53:59

Any time you open up the parks to bicycles, you bring people to the location and make it enjoyable for all.

Male 45. 94114. 3/3/2010 8:49:03

I want a better place to take my daughter to ride a bike. GGP is very crowded.

Female 33. 94122. 3/3/2010 7:56:30

McLaren is a forgotten park that would benefit greatly from additional cyclists using the park.

Male 43. 94122. 3/3/2010 7:55:10

I live in the Mission District, and I could easily ride the existing San Jose bike lane down to the Excelsior District for this. There are too few good places where bikes are welcome in this city. I love the car-free space in Golden Gate park, but this is only available one day a week. It is not healthy to limit so greatly our options for exercise, greenery, and fresh air. Thank you.

Male 31. 94110. 3/3/2010 7:29:14

Hi: I live in Pacific Heights and I would use the park often.

Male. 94109. 3/2/2010 23:33:04

i grew up and live less than 3 blocks away from McLaren and crocker amazon park. everyday after school i would go ride McLaren and Crocker for fun. this kept me out of trouble and gave me the exercise i craved. as much as i like riding there, i always wished it were as good as some trails you would have to drive to. however since i did not have a car, it was my only option. i know that if this park gets built, a very good percentage of san francisco’s youth will benefit from this. kids will develop motor skills and get the exercise that public schools could never provide. i say this from first hand experience.

Male 20. 94112. 3/2/2010 22:21:53

We need a place like this. The area that is planned for the bike park isn’t being used anyway. This would be a great addition to SF park & rec. I can see kid/adult classes. Mtn bike races, as well as challenges. Check Seattle they have a mtn. bike park in the middle of their city and its doing well.

Male 36. 94132. 3/2/2010 21:48:43

This would be great for the city. It would give kids and adults a great chance to extend their biking skills and get some exercise in the city.

Male 41. 94134. 3/2/2010 21:16:28

I support this project, I believe this is a wonderful use of land that promotes recreational riding, health, and fitness.

Male 32. 94132. 3/2/2010 19:12:30

I live in the outer sunset and would probably visit the bike park once a week. There are not enough safe recreational cycling opportunities in the city. San Francisco is one of the last major US cities to not have a bike park. We need one bad and it would get kids outside doing something active.

Male 27. 94122. 3/2/2010 17:37:36

by dustindsmith

i live in salinas, CA and i would be willing to drive all the way up there and pay 20$ entry fee so i can ride the park if it opens. it will be a great money maker, just dont be a hitler about it

Male 19. 93901. 3/2/2010 17:02:58

This is a great idea for this section of Mclaren Park. It is already cleared and has no real use as of now. Please let the Urban Riders put it to good use!

Male 22. 94115. 3/2/2010 16:33:26

i am new to the area, originally from seattle, but doing school at AAU and then hopefully getting a job in emeryville or SF when i am out. up in seattle we had ‘the colonade’. it was a skills park that we built under i-5. it was a sketchy place to walk through the heavily trafficed due to homless and a dumping ground for garbage. the park cleaned up the area, drove many of the homeless out of the area and became a safe place for people of all ages to socialize, whether to ride, watch riders, have work gatherings, and it gave bike companies and shops a place to show off their stuff. it boosted sales in local bike shops and gave people something to do and somewhere to go to stay out of trouble. it was a legal place to ride off of the pavement and theres not much of that in seattle. many different kinds of people come together there and get along in ways they didnt before. if this skills park has half the effect on the area that the colonade did, it is a big plus. do it, and when you need help, contact me. i love to donate my time towards bikes and meeting new people. i am a bike tech by trade and i enjoy sharing my love of 2 wheels with everyone i can.

Male 24. 94105. 3/2/2010 16:17:09


There are not enough recreational cycling opportunities in the city. I’d rather ride the bus and BART and my bike to the trail than get in a car and congest traffic north or south.

Male 25. 94609. 3/2/2010 16:17:04

This bike park will be a great place for people to get out, get active, and have fun. A velodrome would also be a fantastic addition.

Female 20. 94131. 3/2/2010 16:06:56

Another great use of a space that has been run down for years.

Male 40. 94123. 3/2/2010 16:04:12

Would love to have a park where my kids and i can ride our bikes. there’s hardly any places to ride our bikes safely in the city. This would be a tremendous place for kids and adults to go and ride.

Female 35. 94132. 3/2/2010 15:31:10

I live and work nearby. I often do loops in this park on my way to work in ssf. A bike skills area in this park would be greatly utilized by adults and children and would raise the value of the area significantly with minimal impact.

Female 34. 94117. 3/2/2010 15:26:31

I would love for there to be a bike park in SF. I live in Berkeley and travel to Whistler and Northstar every year to ride mountain bikes. There are not nearly enough places in the Bay Area that allow mountain bikes. Often we are confined to fire roads or not allowed at all. I think it would be great for kids in the area to have something like this, that is constructive and beneficial to their health/happiness/fitness. These bike parks can work, I’ve been to many in Oregon, Washington, and British Colombia. We need our own right here in SF! Thanks.

Male 26. 94705. 3/2/2010 15:07:21

Kids need a place to ride and riding bikes is a good habit for people to start doing at a young age that can carry with them for life!

Male 42. 94123. 3/2/2010 15:02:11

I live in the city, but not that close McLaren. A bike park would make it a regular destination for me as an avid bike rider. Having been to the bike park in San Jose, it was great to see how many people were getting a great work out and having fun on their bikes, particularly all the kids.

Male 28. 94109. 3/2/2010 14:54:43

This is a great use of the park

Male 52. 94930. 3/2/2010 14:42:07

Cycling is one of the biggest sports in San Francisco & the greater Bay Area, yet there are very few spaces dedicated exclusively to the sport. The park would also help cyclist develope better bike handing skills to make fore safer cycling in our city!

Male 31. 94117. 3/2/2010 14:29:47

I live in the city, own a small business in the city, and would love to have a mountain bike skills park within city limits. I ride my bike 3-4 days a week and find myself having to leave the city to find places to ride, especially if I want to work on my technical bike handling skills. Building a McLaren Bike Park would be fantastic and I know my buddies and I would all love to ride it.

Male 34. 94107. 3/2/2010 14:14:28

This is a great idea. I live and work in SF and would love a designated place to ride dirt in the city!!!

Male 42. 94110. 3/2/2010 14:08:05

One of the reasons I love San Francisco is it’s ability to combine cosmopolitan urban life with active outdoors life. There is currently a lack of appropriate places to ride a bike on trails in the city and I believe McLaren Park would be a terrific location. I believe the abilities of SF Urban Riders to pull this off in a way that will benefit all. Nathan Gentner

Male 32. 94115. 3/2/2010 14:00:33

I think the work in McLaren bike park is critical – Marin was the birthplace of this fantastic sport, and as the sport progresses, the need for new spaces for positive recreation grows. Riders will always build and ride trails – the question is if the trails are allowed to grow in a legal, controlled, environmentally friendly manner, or if they are illegal, underground creations.

Male 18. 94563. 3/2/2010 13:53:00

I fully support the McLaren Bike Park. The addition of the park would be beneficial to the community as a whole, and not just to Cyclists. The area proposed is a filthy mess, and revitalizing it as a Bike Park would reclaim usage, as well as provide a safe place to ride. Children can make use of this new park and have a place to ride that is not near automobile traffic. There are not any recreational cycling facilities like this in the Bay Area, and this is a much needed resource. Thank you.

Male 27. 94109. 3/2/2010 13:31:59

I wholeheartedly support this bike as I’ve used it for many cycling excursions and events. There can always be more cycling-friendly places in the city!

Female 36. 94608. 3/2/2010 13:17:28

I have two daughters and we love bicycling and the outdoors and living in San Francisco. We would love to take advantage of off-street bicycling opportunities in SF, especially on dirt paths that are protected from city traffic. McLaren park is an ideal site for a bicycle skills park as it currently doesn’t have many attractions for young families. Thank you.

Male 38. 94122. 3/2/2010 13:05:36

I support McLaren Bike Park because as an area resident, avid mountain biker, father of two teenage mountain bikers, and husband to a new mountain biker, I understand the positive effects mountain biking has on all generations. The more safe places to ride the better!

Male 43. 94040. 3/2/2010 12:53:28

I am a 25-year resident and home-owner in the Excelsior District. I am a board member of the Crocker Amazon Playground Citizens’ Advisory Committee. I am also the coordinator of the nearby La Grande Community Garden. I strongly support recreational use of McLaren Park and Crocker Amazon Playground by bicyclists. I welcome the designed improvements at the proposed McLaren Bike Park site.

Male 54. 94112. 3/2/2010 12:49:39

I think the McLaren Bike park will be an invaluable addition to the already great set of recreational opportunites in the city. Kids and adults need a safe but challenging place to ride.

Male. 94109. 3/2/2010 12:37:58

I live in San Francisco and have three kids, two of which are avid mountain bikers. My 15 yr old races Downhill and does Dirt Jumps and has nowhere in the city to practice. My 7 yr old loves to ride his bike on dirt, but there’s not much bike friendly dirt in the city, and the sidewalks are narrow and hilly, so not very safe. We also have many friends whose kids love to ride bikes and would also love to see a bike park in the city. Please give SF Urban Riders the land and funding they need to make this bike park a reality!!!

Male 38. 94131.  2/28/2010 21:04:15

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