MBP Construction Documents Out to Bid!

This week we’re celebrating a huge milestone!

Over the last 9 months, we’ve been working on Construction Documents for Phase 1 in various iterations from 50%, to 60%, 90% and we NOW have approval on the 100% complete set of Construction Documents. Each set has had it’s own added level of detail and gauntlet of meetings and approvals. This has been a long and detailed process for Theresa Zaro our landscape architect, Alpine Bike Parks, BKF Engineering, the MBP Founders and our partners at SFRPD. As you can see in the bid documents, the level of detail needed to build something like this in San Francisco is astounding.

Landscape Construction Plan – Phase 1 Bid Documents Page 3 of 13
Qualified contractors will submit bids in three weeks, and the winning bid will be presented to the SFPRD Commission for approval this fall. We hope to see construction begin in December, and last through March 2017. Stay tuned for official dates of the groundbreaking ceremony and tentative date for the Grand Opening!
Wall Ride detail – Phase 1 Bid Documents Page 9 of 13
Keep in mind, this is only phase 1, and constitutes about a fourth of the approved bike park site. Future phases will require another set of processes and funding, though the hope is that a completed phase 1 will create so much excitement, that future phases will move quickly.
Currently there is $10 Million dedicated to McLaren Park from the 2012 Parks Bond. We hope to secure a portion of this money for future phases of MBP. The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department has invited interested parties to attend the upcoming McLaren Park Project Planning Workshop at 10am, Saturday October 1st. It will be held at the Group Picnic area at 116 John F. Shelley Drive to help prioritize the $10 million dollars. Please be sure to RSVP here, if you plan on attending: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/mclaren-park-project-planning-workshop-tickets-27198985899?aff=email82516
If you cannot attend, please consider filling out a very brief (less than 2 minutes) phone survey by calling 415.214.9358 Location 001 (in Spanish and Chinese too). For more information on the complete McLaren Park Project visit bit.ly/mclarenparkproject
Thanks to everyone who’s supported MBP. It’s been a long road, but we’re almost there!!!

3 thoughts on “MBP Construction Documents Out to Bid!

  1. So. Excited. About this. Congrats MBP team, and all those who have supported this over the long process. Its really coming online. With integrated irrigation, too! High class!

    1. Thanks, Hank 😉 As you know it’s been a looooooong process. But, we’re digging in December, so that’s what counts.

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