Support Letter #000023

i am new to the area, originally from seattle, but doing school at AAU and then hopefully getting a job in emeryville or SF when i am out. up in seattle we had ‘the colonade’. it was a skills park that we built under i-5. it was a sketchy place to walk through the heavily trafficed due to homless and a dumping ground for garbage. the park cleaned up the area, drove many of the homeless out of the area and became a safe place for people of all ages to socialize, whether to ride, watch riders, have work gatherings, and it gave bike companies and shops a place to show off their stuff. it boosted sales in local bike shops and gave people something to do and somewhere to go to stay out of trouble. it was a legal place to ride off of the pavement and theres not much of that in seattle. many different kinds of people come together there and get along in ways they didnt before. if this skills park has half the effect on the area that the colonade did, it is a big plus. do it, and when you need help, contact me. i love to donate my time towards bikes and meeting new people. i am a bike tech by trade and i enjoy sharing my love of 2 wheels with everyone i can.

Male 24. 94105. 3/2/2010 16:17:09

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