Support Letter #000054

As a mountain biker who recently moved to San Francisco from Bakersfield, CA, I was terribly disappointed as to how much off road biking is restricted in the city. While there are some good trails around, (Mt. Sutro (thanks to the SF Urban Riders), and Glen Park, to name a few) the possibility for good riding here is endless. Golden Gate Park, as well as San Bruno Mountain State Park could be an urban biking mecca for the Bay Area. In fact, the trails in Golden Gate Park are already there, but biking is prohibited. Its a sad time for San Francisco mountain bikers. That being said, I understand that trails must be made suitable for all users, and allowing biking to come flying down trails where people are enjoying a leisurely walk is bad news for everyone. The land proposed for the McLaren Bike Park is currently not being used for anything but waste, and there is a whole community ready to volunteer to renovate it. It would be good for the city, and great for the mountain bikers.

Male 22. 94112. 3/4/2010 0:13:25

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