Support Letter #000142

to whom it may concern, I do not live near the park. However we do go regularly to Jerry days I am so happy they created the Jerry Garcia amphitheater. I have four kids live in the city. Call me crazy, because it is really hard living in San Francisco with children. I have been a lifelong cyclist except for a few years. While I was waiting for a kidney on dialysis. I have written on a weekly basis. Give me great sadness that my children do not have the same love of cycling in part because it is so it difficult for kids to learn how to ride in the city. The combination of traffic hill and the lack of an area that is easy and safe to let your kids right around the. Although the city has come along way in the last 20 years to accommodate cycling. There just now putting lanes into the Presidio were thousands of cyclists have written through for years and have had to compete with the cars. I wholeheartedly support the McLaren Park project.

Male 53. 94118. 3/11/2010 10:54:43

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