Support Letter #000168

We have organized cycling events in McLaren and Crocker-Amazon for the last 4 years. From my own experience watching the growth of our activities – as well as the tremendous growth in Youth soccer since the reconstruction of the fields – transforming an abandoned portion of McLaren into a multi-functioning bike park is little short of miraculous.

In the first year of our events we had a member of the “Freinds of McLaren Park” visit with us on race day. From his initial skepticism at 8:30 in the morning to post 1:00 pm report – his enthusiasm at seeing a new use for his park was gratifying. I expect no less when the Bike Park is fully operational. This is a perfect opportunity to mix Kids and Bikes for an exceptional result.

Space is at a premium in urban as well as suburban locations – this venue can be a significant attraction not just for the immediate Crocker-Amazon neighborhood – but for all of the City and north Peninsula. Kids learning how to ride bikes from trained specialists – where’s the downside to that?

Male 60. 94010. 3/16/2010 14:35:13

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