Support Letter #000172

I am a bicycle enthusiast who lives, works and commutes on my bike here in San Francisco. I also enjoy mountain biking on the weekends which necessitates me leaving the city each weekend. Both my children are involved and have grown to share my passion. An inner city urban mountain bike park will not only be an enormous benefit to city residents but will almost assuredly bring in people from outside the cit

Each weekend when I load up my car to leave San Francisco for a weekend mountain bike ride part of the ritual is stopping by a bike shop to pick up supplies and then grabbing a pre-ride meal and cup of coffee somewhere. I then leave the city with either friends or my children or both. Later, after the ride, we have lunch near our ride destination and then go back to the cit

Imagine bringing people into the city as well as people like myself who wouldn’t leave all enjoying their pre and post ride spending here in San Francisco.

Male 41. 94103. 3/18/2010 10:46:12

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