MBP Design – 2009 to Now.

May 2009 – (Above) Initial concept design by Dustin Smith to help cyclists and the general public understand the project and what it would include.

June 2011 – Series of three concept designs by Alpine Bike Parks for the Community Design Process.


November 2011 – A refined design based on input from 3 Community Design meetings.

110924 SFUR_MBP_Concept Plan_r3_v3-Plan 1

A rendering done by Alpine Bike Parks to help with fundraising.


January 2013 – Phase 1 Site plan and location plan.


November 2013 – Phase 1 Site Plan based on funds available.

13.11.12 McLaren Site Plan v2014

December 2014 – Revised Phase 1 Site plan based on what things “actually” cost.


April 2015 – All Phases Design presented during the MBP DIG fundraiser. Here, pictured with 6-time World Champion Downhill Racer, Greg Minnaar.


Printing the plans for the event…



November 2015 – Phase 1 – 50% Design Submittal. Much more detail added and went from one page to a dozen pages with Grading Plan, Erosion, etc.


April 2016 – 60% Design Submittal (Not pictured)

July 2016 – 90% Design Submittal. One of fifteen pages including Demolition Plan, Grading and Drainage, Erosion Control, Site Plan, Details, Add Alternatives, Irrigation Plan, Planting Plan, Landscaping, Signage etc.


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