Support Letter #000175

I support McLaren Bike Park. McLaren Park is San Francisco’s largest and most forgotten park. It is underutilized, underdeveloped, and under appreciated. This corner of the City is often under served and this project is a huge step in bringing McLaren Park up to par with it’s more famous sister, Golden Gate Park and for brining more receational opportunities for this end of the City. With McLaren Bike Park, cyclists of all ages will have a technically challenging and engaging place to ride. More visitors to McLaren park will also spread park visitors out easing congestion in other parks. More visotors to McLaren park will also reduce the opportunity for illegal dumping and crime as these activities will be deterred by increased visibility. This project will serve as a catalyst to turn the park around and open the eyes of the City and Bay Area residents to what a great resource McLaren Park is, hidden right under their noses.

Male 35. 94014. 3/19/2010 10:14:52

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