Getting Shovel-ready in 2015!

Throughout 2014, The McLaren Bike Park Core team has been working with the landscape architect and Alpine Bike Parks on cost estimates for phase 1, and outlining exactly what our $500,000 in construction grants will build. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and are now able to dive into the details of Phase 1: Intermediate level pump track and family skills trail.

14-12-12 McLaren Site Plan
Phase 1 Mclaren Bike Park Site Plan

This latest plan shows that extra level of detail, and prepares us to move ahead into construction documents or “CD’s”. Construction documents are the very detailed drawings and specifications that inform the construction of the project, and will include grading, drainage, landscaping, site furnishings and materials, and construction details for custom elements.

The reality of construction on public land in the city of San Fransciso has yielded a smaller footprint than originally anticipated, but a higher level of features within that space. The space for phase 1 will utilize .75 acres of the four acre site, leaving over 80% of the space for future phases.

Approximate space allocation for Phase 1

Since the construction grants are not specified to fund design, we’ve also been working to raise design funds. In total, we’ve raised over $55,000 in grants and Founders Club donations for design, which will fund the project up to late April, when we’ll begin creating final construction documents. For final CD’s, we’ll need to raise another $50,000, fully funding Phase 1 and putting shovels in the dirt in 2016!!! Check out the projected schedule here. 

Phase 1 will consist of an intermediate pump track and family/beginner skills loop with loads of fun features that will appeal to MTB riders and BMXers of all ages and skill levels.

Close-up of Phase 1 Youth/Intermediate Pumptrack and Faimly/Beginner Skills Trail

The pump track will dip approximately three feet below the surrounding concrete flatwork and riders will be able to drop in from anywhere around the outside. It creates a good roll in area for the park that will maximize terrain capacity. The pump track is being built on an existing slope so the final depths of the bowl will be determined in the CD process.

The goal was to maximize the number of turns and pockets within a relatively small area.The way it is designed, there are lots of lines to choose from, and lots of opportunities for gaps and transfers.

— Judd De Vall, Alpine Bike Parks, Principal Owner.

The round rollers within will be like “volcanoes” with a rolled top allowing you to hit them in any direction. The berms at the top of the quarter will tie to the quarter like hips. And the quarter pipe itself will be Flowform or constructed of formed concrete. There will also be wall rides built into a few key berms within the pump track.

Cecelia Ravine pumptrack – Photo courtesy of Alpine Bike Parks

Around the perimeter will be a family/beginner skills trail consisting of lots of Flowform features including bridges, rainbows, sunsets and plenty of dirt rollers and tabletops. Youth and beginner riders will be able to practice their skills here and work their way up to riding the pump track.

Valmont Bike Park – Photo courtesy of Alpine Bike Parks

Native and drought-tolerant planting will be incorporated around the bike park features to create a family-friendly park experience that blends into McLaren Park and gently manages storm water.

Once Phase 1 is completed, it will become shining example of what’s possible for the rest of the site. Funding of the remaining phases of McLaren Bike Park should go much quicker as a result of the desire for more advanced features, like the planned expert pump track, progressive and pro dirt jumps, slopestyle course, slalom and short track downhill courses, XC trails, cyclocross features… and much more. Once the remaining phases are completed, phase 1 will remain as the beginner area of the bike park.

The design team is currently working hard to coordinate with public agencies, stakeholders, and future riders to make great tracks in 2015. To support McLaren Bike Park and help keep the project moving as quickly as possible, please donate and become a part of the Founders Club. Without the support of private donors like yourself, we wouldn’t be this far, and we’d never have a bike park in San Francisco. Thank you to everyone who’s supported the project in the past, and those who will help in the future!


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