Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Bring the kids to McLaren Park on October 3rd, for bike skills and bike maintenance. And hear about our plans for more bike-friendly trails and a bike park in SF's own McLaren Park!

Support Letter #000188

I wholeheartedly support the development of a bicycle skills park in McLaren Park. I was born and raised in and around the Excelsior neighborhoods. McLaren Park has been my playground and secret riding spot all my life. As a kid BMX was a huge part of the local neighborhood culture. Bands of working class Latino, … Continue reading Support Letter #000188

A Bike Park Makes for a Better Park

It was a good meeting regarding the Mclaren Park Planning Process.  A few of us took the time to show up in support of the bike park. A great many thanks to everyone who was there, and a great many thanks to those who took the time to fill out the first mclaren park survey.  … Continue reading A Bike Park Makes for a Better Park

We need your support.

This coming Tuesday, 3/23 at 6:30pm  is the second of three meetings designed to gather community input regarding the development and improvements within McLaren Park.  We need your help to support the vision of a bike park in McLaren. Please consider taking an hour out of your evening to come out to the meetings, especially … Continue reading We need your support.

Support Letter #000179

Bicycles are good for kids and adults. Its healthy and brings good usage to a park that needs to be untilized in a positive way. I am a neighbor of the park and a father of a little boy I hope can use the new track and trails when they are built. Male 42. 94134. … Continue reading Support Letter #000179

Support Letter #000178

I have been an avid mountain biker for 16 years. The last 6 I have lived in San Francisco. SF is a great city to live in, however there is very little decent mountain biking / DH free riding to do in the City. This is a great project and a great idea for the … Continue reading Support Letter #000178

Support Letter #000177

As a past SF resident and nearby neihbor (Berkeley) I fully support the creation of a bike park in SF. I'd travel across the Bay to ride it and no doubt would support some SF businesses while I'm over there. Male 34. 94703. 3/19/2010 13:06:20

Support Letter #000176

hey dudes at park & rec i am 100 years old and i want a dirt bike park in mclaren park, gotta stay in shape...thx Female 100. 94110. 3/19/2010 11:50:25

Support Letter #000175

I support McLaren Bike Park. McLaren Park is San Francisco's largest and most forgotten park. It is underutilized, underdeveloped, and under appreciated. This corner of the City is often under served and this project is a huge step in bringing McLaren Park up to par with it's more famous sister, Golden Gate Park and for … Continue reading Support Letter #000175